MCID @ the University of Bern Nacht der Forschung

10th September, 16.00-00.00

Join us at the MCID station of the University of Bern Nacht der Forschung for an introduction to the MCID and to learn more about the role of different academic disciplines in preparing for infectious disease threats. Activities are designed to be of interest to all ages. Fill up your "infectious agent pass" as you visit different stations and complete it for a chance to win a Giant Microbe! See our flyers for more information.

Past MCID Events

MCID monkeypox event

Wednesday 29th June 2022, 18.00-19.00

This was a public event held using Twitter spaces. Click here for a full sound recording of the event as welll as more information.

MCID Opening Event

June 9th and 10th 2022

Click here for a full program and more information about the event to mark the official opening of the MCID.

MCID Omicron Event

December 8th, 2021

The MCID-Omicron event, "The SARS-CoV-2 variant Omicron: a snapshot of where we are", took place on 8th December 2021. Please see here for more details and for a full recording of the event.