Aims of the MCID

Determination of the origin of risks

We perform systematic investigations into infectious disease threats and underlying factors for exacerbation using an integrated One Health vision.

Preparation for risks

We develop evidence-based sentinel and preparedness tools for emerging and future infectious disease risks.

Management of risks

We propose integrated solutions that manage the impact of infectious diseases on animal life, human life, and livelihoods, considering biomedical, social, ethical and economical aspects.


We are a dynamic community of multidisciplinary academic researchers that integrate scholarship and original research into infectious disease threats to in-form effective, protective, and preventative responses.

Fostering of talent

We provide dedicated resources for, and foster the professional development of, the next generation of academic talent on the path to independence.


We carry out training and education of specialists and the lay public to increase the success of an effective and coordinated response to an epidemic threat.