Multidisciplinary Center for Infectious Diseases (MCID)

Patient-Focused Research

Patient-Focused Research

Pursuing evidence-based patient-oriented research in vulnerable populations

Infectious disease pandemics raise significant and novel challenges to the organization and practice of patient care. The Cluster Patient-focussed Research pursues research of salient patient-centred issues involved in preparing for and responding to pandemic disease, including those arising from deploying restrictive public health measures to contain and curb the spread of disease (e.g. social distancing), identification of vulnerable populations and risk, setting priorities for the allocation of scarce resources, health care workers’ duty to care in the face of heightened risk of infection, conducting clinical research during pandemics, and governance of preventing and responding to pandemic disease, guaranteeing the continuity of care for patients with chronic diseases and prevention of collateral damage (e.g. adverse effects on mental health, exacerbation of inequalities, worsening of cardiometabolic health) and promoting patient empowerment. A particularly striking characteristic of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the rapid deployment of novel digital technologies and applications. Whilst digital innovation offer great promise for patient-centred research and health care services, its safe and effective realization requires consideration of data privacy and regulatory compliance. Multidisciplinary interaction is key for not only preserving but also improving patient-centred care-approaches, self-management and autonomy. 

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Cluster Chair and Co-Chair