Multidisciplinary Center for Infectious Diseases (MCID)



Producing real-time indicators for the economic consequences of infectious diseases and evidence-based recommendations to prepare for future pandemics.

Economics is the analysis of human behavior in the presence of incentives and constraints, at different levels of aggregation: individuals, households, firms, cantons or countries. Incentives and constraints are created among others by regulations or shocks like Covid19. Typically, the goal of the economic analysis is to identify inefficiencies which in turn may lead to welfare loss caused by incentives (regulations), market imperfections or shocks. These insights are used to provide recommendations for reforming regulation to improve market outcome and welfare. In the context of the Center the aim is to identify vulnerabilities of the Swiss society on all levels of aggregation. These results will be useful to policy makers, because they give information on how to better protect the population and the economy in future pandemics.

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