Multidisciplinary Center for Infectious Diseases (MCID)

News items 2021/2022

MCID Members awarded the Charles C. Shepard award for their work on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein

Microbiology cluster members Fabien Labroussaa, Jenna Kelly, Ronald Dijkman, Jörg Jores, Charaf Benarafa, Volker Thiel and collaborators awarded the Charles C. Shepherd award for scientific excellence for their Nature paper on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

Scientific policy advice in times of crisis

MCID Society and Law cluster members Johanna Hornung, Fritz Sager and Caroline Schlaufer, together with collaborators from the Universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen publish a study on policy advice during times of crisis, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

MCID Members write a thesis paper linked to the revision of the Swiss Epidemics Act (EpidA)

MCID researchers, Christian Althaus, Caroline Schlaufer, Annika Frahsa and Susanne Hadorn, together with Marcel Zwahlen have written a thesis paper commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) as input for the ongoing revision of the Swiss Epidemics Act (EpidA).

Nicola Low and Gilles Wandeler discuss plans for the BEready Cohort

MCID BEready Cohort Leads, Prof. Dr. med. Nicola Low and Prof. Dr. med. Gilles Wandeler are interviewed by Marius Aschwanden on the long-term health monitoring of the Bernese population in preparedness for future infectious disease threats.

Dr. Caroline Brall is interviewed in the Schweizerische Ärtztezeitung

Caroline Brall, Manager of Ethics at the MCID Ethics and Policy Lab, is interviewed on the subject of ethics discussion topics during the Covid-19 pandemic and what advice she has for the coming winter months.

MCID awards six Early-Career Research Grants for Women

Congratulations to the six recipients of MCID Early-Career Research Grants for Women: Dr. Emilie Seydoux, Dr. Bettina Zimmermann, Dr. Caroline Schlaufer, Dr. Jessica Laine Carmeli, Dr. Susanne Hadorn and Dr. Saskia Keller. We look forward to these new projects beginning in early 2023.

Dr. Maximilian Filsinger speaks at the "Polit-Forum and DeFacto Live in Bern" event

On 27th September, Dr. Filsinger took part in a debate live at the Käfigturm, Bern, entitled "Welche Folgen hat eine Pandemie auf unser weiteres Zusammenleben?".