No, application for MCID project funding is restricted to researchers at the University of Bern, Inselspital and affiliated institutes.

No, MCID project funding is not restricted to MCID Members.

Individuals can be applicants on a maximum of two MCID project funding applications. Career Development Grant applicants can only submit one application.

Yes. Please familiarise yourself with the detailed description of the MCID Core Activities (BEready cohort, BioPreparedness BioBank, Ethics and Policy Lab). If you think there is a potential link between your planned project and one of the MCID Core Activities, please contact the person stated on the appropraite Core Activities page so that discussions regarding potential collaboration can be initiated.

No. The purpose of the synopsis is to allow an administrative check of the application. Feedback will be provided on whether or not the applicants are eligible to apply for MCID project funding and also whether or not the project is considered to fulfil the requirement for inter- or multidisiciplinarity. There is no requirement for such a synposis check to be carried out.